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Missionaries Of The Divine Mercy



"War broke out in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon-and the great dragon was cast out, that serpent of old called the Devil and Satan." Since the earliest days of Christianity the faithful have turned to Saint Michael as their defender against adversity and evil in all its forms.

While a young Franciscan, Padre Pio miraculously received in his own body the wounds of Christ. Then followed fifty years of a wondrous ministry to the world, in which this living image of Christ healed the minds, hearts, and bodies of countless thousands who sought his help. This ministry continues to this day through the blessed friar's heavenly intercession.


Clerical Community 

   We, the Missionaries of the Divine Mercy, are a community that was born into the bosom of the Catholic Church through the experience of various years of Missions throughout the United States.


   This experience was fulfilled through the Missionary vision of Our Founder, the Most Rev. José Andrés Corral, Bishop of the Diocese of Parral, in Chihuahua, Mexico, and of our Superior General, Very Rev. Oscar Gutiérrez, co-founder.  Bishop Corral began to send some of his priests in response to some of the needs of the Hispanics in the United States.  Sharing from his low number of clergy, he has sent more than eleven of his clergy to serve these communities abroad. To help the bishops of the United States in there needs.

   Under the protection of St. Michael the Defender and St. Padre Pio patrons of the community and with the constant collaboration of the Very Rev. Oscar Gutierrez, MDM, he took the initiative to form canonically the Community of Missionaries of Divine Mercy, vowed missionary men that will be dedicated to the propagation of the Gospel and to safeguard the true  Catholic doctrine and faith of Catholics already.


     Missions, in our history, have been to conquer souls for the Lord in this our Catholic Church. That is to say, we will continue our mission to the already baptized and those whom have not encountered Jesus Christ through the Holy Catholic Church.  The Missionaries of Divine Mercy are defenders of the traditional teachings Catholic Church.
     We will be tireless in the fight, by rescuing the Catholic and Apostolic faith preached through the years by brave men and women that should be admired in their fight for the truth, many of which have testified with their own life. We will work diligently for the unity of the family, since the family is the foundation of our faith. 
      A united family is the hope of the Church, it is where new generations of Christians for the Church will come out, and of where, new citizens of the future are going to sprout from, such as vocations to the priesthood and consecrated religious life that the church needs for our times.


Article  25- Our spirituality foundation will be based on the Divine Mercy of Christ, in that love of God toward all men, where, extending his arms on the cross, knew to love us and thus acquired a holy nation 1, overflowing his mercy from generation to generation, manifesting his pardon for all those who through a repented heart ask of it.  That is why in holy confession we find the most sublime love of him who is always willing to forgive us.

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