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Missionaries Of The Divine Mercy




Our seminarians are very dedicated and generous young men. On the path to fulfilling their call to the Holy Priesthood, they are called to holiness and service to souls in a world that is in urgent need of returning to Our Lord. However, they do not always have the financial means necessary for the seven to nine years that it takes to complete the seminary program and be ordained a priest. The Missonaires of Divine Mercy, have a Formation House in Phoenix, Arizona, where the brothers are studying to take up major missionary apostolates. To maintain and to train each brother for one year is becoming a very difficult task for the Missionaries of Divine Mercy because of the high cost. If you think you can sponsor a Brother, or make a financial contribution towards their training, please contact us using the details on our contact us page.



The greatest gift you can give to our Religious Institute is your prayer: Pray for the success of our missionary apostolate all over the world and pray too for vocation to the religious life.


These are associates of the congregation who make a special commitment to be part of the work we do and share in our spirituality. To know more about them or to become a member, contact us using the details on our contact us page.


You can equally continue the good news after your life here on earth by including us in your last will and testament. Our legal name is Missionaries of Divine Mercy . The Fathers and Brothers will always remember you in our prayers.


There is a popular saying that: “Some give to the Mission by going, Some go to the Mission by giving, without both, there is no Mission”. The Missionaries of Divine Mercy give to the Mission by going, but they depend on the goodwill of other Catholic faithful to make their mission complete and fruitful.

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