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Missionaries Of The Divine Mercy




  • When a person is ready to start applying, he can access all of the necessary paperwork from this page. Candidates should send in the various documents as they are completed instead of waiting until everything is done. We will keep track of the assorted paperwork as it arrives. 

**Decisions on acceptances are made only after all items have been received, reviewed by priests, and interviews.**

The following must be completed & on file at the Vocations Office:


Please mail your paperwork to:

Missionaries of Divine Mercy 
ATTN: Vocations Office
6802 S 24th St Phoenix, Az 85042

[ ] Baptismal certificate (obtained within the last six months from your parish & affixed
with the parish’s seal. No photocopies accepted)
[ ] Why you want become religious priest
[ ] Confirmation certificate (this may be annotated on the baptismal certificate by the parish,
otherwise it can be obtained from your parish of confirmation)
[ ] High School transcript(s) (an official copy needs to be sent to us directly from the school)
[ ] College/University transcript(s) (an official copy needs to be sent to us directly from the school)
[ ] Resume showing work/study information
[ ] Detailed autobiography
[ ] 2 letters of recommendation from priests (one, preferably, from your local pastor)
[ ] National criminal record check
[ ] 2 passport size photos
If at any time you have ever been a seminarian or in a religious community, you will also need
to include:
[ ] Letter of Reference & Confirmation of Prior Formation in a Religious Community/Diocese (if
previously enrolled in a seminary, this needs to be completed by the seminary rector or bishop; if a
member of a religious community, then by the religious superior)
[ ] Certificates of reception of minor orders or the permanent ministries of lector/acolyte (if applicable)​

Your details were sent successfully!

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